• Bit2Me Launchpad is a service that facilitates early and exclusive participation in high-potential projects. 
  • Bnext aims to be the alternative to traditional banking thanks to blockchain-based technology products. 
  • Bit2Me Launchpad solves the technical, legal and market difficulties involved in launching a token through an ICO.

Madrid, January 25, 2022 — Bit2Me, the Spanish platform for cryptocurrency-based financial technology services, presents its new service, Bit2Me Launchpad, to help other companies develop their own utility token following the steps that led the company to the success of its ICO (Initial Coin Offering), launched last August.

Bnext, the Spanish FinTech born in 2017 to be the alternative to traditional banking, debuts this service with the market launch of its utility token, B3X, by the hand of Bit2Me Launchpad. “With the launch of the B3X token we intend to break the monopoly of traditional finance, generating valuable and suitable products for our customers. For this purpose, we have the perfect partner, Bit2Me, capable of facilitating the development of simple and easy-to-use tokens, using the most secure technology on the market,” said Guillermo Vicandi, co-founder of Bnext.

Bit2Me’s solution gathers in one place the most promising projects in the Hispanic sector to make it easier for its community to securely access and participate in its ICOs.

“Bit2Me Launchpad’s specialized team investigates and studies carefully each project so that the user doesn’t have to worry about anything, and in the case of Bnext we’ve worked together to launch this new solution in a project that we’re sure will be a complete success for both companies,” says Leif Ferreira, co-founder and CEO of Bit2Me. In this way, Bit2Me users will have the option to learn about high-potential projects and gain early and exclusive access to them.

Bit2Me Launchpad covers everything from consulting for the creation of the utility token to the promotion and execution of the ICO, both in its private and public phases. However, Bit2Me Launchpad also offers services beyond the ICO to increase the utility of the tokens and thus incentivize their use. This service responds to a clear market need, allowing any organization to create and launch a utility token in an agile and easy way and with a proven success story, such as the launch of B2M. Bit2Me managed to raise €17.5 million in less than three minutes with its utility token, plus an additional €2.5 million through a previous private round, raising a total of €20 million.

Bit2Me employs more than 140 professionals to facilitate the development of utility tokens, including Zeeshan Feroz, former CEO of Coinbase in Europe, and Baldomero Falcones, former President of Mastercard International. In addition, Bit2Me has the experience of providing service to more than 400,000 users and having a suite of 20 crypto services. The platform also offers phone support in more than seven languages.