This post comes loaded with valuable information. So before we get into it, we’ll give you a brief summary to let you know why this is of interest to you:

  • We launched Bit2Me Launchpad, a space where we collect ICOs of selected projects that will be exclusively accessible through Bit2Me.

  • B2M token holders will have early access to the new projects launched in Bit2Me Launchpad. We tell you how to do it.

  • The first token we will launch from Launchpad will be B3X from Bnext! And you can already register to receive all the information and early access.

What is Bit2Me Launchpad?

Bit2Me Launchpad is the place where you can find great potential projects that have the support of Bit2Me and where you can access and participate in these projects easily and without leaving the Bit2Me Suite. In addition, B2M holders will have additional advantages such as early access to ICOs and a better position in the whitelists.

Bit2Me Launchpad is Bit2Me’s exclusive token launchpad, through which the growth and development of the crypto ecosystem will be driven. From Bit2Me Launchpad, utility tokens of different exclusive projects will be released, enjoying the security offered by Bit2Me following the example and successful journey of B2M in the ICO that raised €20 million in just over 3 minutes.

Sounds good? Well now comes the best part 👀👇️

Bnext launches B3X by the hand of Bit2Me Launchpad

The first project to be implemented in  Bit2Me Launchpad will be Bnext. The Spanish banking and financial services company is preparing to launch its own utility token, called B3X Token. 

In the public ICO sale, the company’s tokens will be offered with a value between €0.015-0.02. Like Bit2Me’s B2M ICO, those interested in participating in Bnext’s B3X Token ICO will have to sign up for a whitelist that will be associated with a reservation with a limited date. The ICO phase will offer 25% of the total B3X Token supply of 3.5 billion tokens. In early November, Bnext already offered 10% of B3X Token to private investors (you can see more details in the B3X whitepaper). 

Ok, we’ve got the key data, shall we move on to the action? 👨‍🚀

How to follow and participate the B3X Token ICO of Bnext?

The purchase of B3X in its ICO phases will only be possible through Bit2Me. To access, you just have to sign up to the whitelist and this will only be possible if you have a verified Bit2Me account. So the steps to follow are simple:

  1. 📝 Register in Bit2Me.
  2. ✅ Verify your account.
  3. 📩 You will receive an email as soon as the whitelist is opened. At that moment you will be able to join the whitelist after accepting the terms and conditions of the Bnext whitepaper.

Make sure you sign up as soon as possible to get a better position on the list.

Sign up for free 👇

Provide a valid password. 6-64 characters. No spaces.

You have to accept our terms

The sooner you enter, the more chances you have to get access to the first phase, but you can also unlock additional advantages… 

The order in the list is important as an earlier position ensures you a better chance to access the ICO phase. Your position on the list is determined by two factors:

  1. The moment you signed up (we will notify you by mail as soon as the whitelist opens).
  2. The amount of B2M you have in your wallet allows you to advance some positions, therefore B2M holders will have a better position.

You will be able to see the position you occupy on the whitelist, which can also vary according to the factors we have just mentioned. For the moment it is important that you have a verified Bit2Me account to be able to join the whitelist.

Take advantage of this new feature that will give you access to super interesting projects in the sector.

👉️ Stay tuned to the updates that we will send you by email once you have registered and to our publications on social networks.

Get on board, we’re taking off! 🚀