• John Izaguirre, marketing, business & entrepreneurship expert, joins Bit2Me as CEO and Product Manager of Bit2Me Launchpad.
  • With his extensive experience, Izaguirre will work with Bit2Me to expand the new utility token launchpad.
  • Bit2Me’s goal is to expand its community of users and B2M Holders worldwide.

Bit2Me, the leading company in Spain and Europe in offering financial services with cryptocurrencies and euros, announced the addition of marketing expert John Izaguirre, who will serve as CEO and Product Manager of its new Bit2Me Launchpad service. The Spanish company has created an innovative launchpad for utility tokens, with which it will open the doors to high-potential projects to its community of users and B2M Holders, in an exclusive and with early access. 

John Izaguirre, who has extensive experience and a track record in the marketing world, will work with a team of professionals led by Leif Ferreira and Andrei Manuel, founders of Bit2Me, to expand the products and services offered by the Spanish company through its new launch platform. 

As CEO and Product Manager of Bit2Me Launchpad, Izaguirre will be in charge of creating new and effective strategies to boost this new service within the crypto community, occupying a key position for Bit2Me’s international expansion. 

For Izaguirre, “starting the Bit2Me challenge means facing a high-level professional challenge, which involves driving and promoting the creation of a launchpad of the best possible level for the European communities, but also for the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking ones”. 

Through design, planning and execution, Izaguirre will create engaging campaigns to highlight the potential and utilities of Bit2Me Launchpad, ensuring its future success and attracting promising projects to grow the community of users and B2M Holders worldwide. 

“The expectations are clear: to become the best project boosting platform in Europe and Latin America and to build a very strong community of entrepreneurs as well as loyal users of the Bit2Me platform,” says Izaguirre.

More than 15 years of experience with projects

This new recruit  of Bit2Me has more than 15 years of experience in the world of marketing, business & entrepreneurship and, in recent years, related to the world of cryptocurrencies, working with large companies in the industry such as ConsenSys, Prosegur Crypto and Atani and as an independent professional. He is the founder of the decentralized consulting agency (DAO) DotDots, focused on offering an entrepreneurial ecosystem of advisory, management and execution services to participants of new technologies, including companies, collectives and individuals.

He is also co-founder of the accelerator Start Quantum Ltd, which operates in Hong Kong, Berlin and Mexico City. He has served in various positions such as strategic advisor at Atani, event coordinator at CryptoMondays (Madrid), director of business development in Europe for Ontology, head of Marketing and Community at BlockRocket and director of sales and partnerships at Prosegur Crypto, Prosegur’s cryptocurrency custody service that uses Bit2Me to ensure maximum security for its digital assets. 

In all these positions, Izaguirre has worked alongside designers, engineers and advertisers to contribute to the growth and acceleration of companies, combining effective expansion strategies and building long-term international relationships. 

About Bit2Me Launchpad

Bit2Me Launchpad is Bit2Me’s new launchpad, which adds to the Spanish company’s suite of products to open the doors to new utility tokens. It is a new service that facilitates the participation of Bit2Me users and B2M holders in projects with great potential, in an advance and exclusive way.