With the recent announcement of the release of Bit2Me Launchpad, we believe it’s essential that we delve a little deeper into our new and innovative product focused on empowering exclusive tokens selected by the Bit2Me team.

What’s Bit2Me Launchpad?

Since its founding in 2014, at Bit2Me we’ve been building an entire ecosystem of specialized crypto services, each designed to meet the needs and demands of our thousands of clients and users around the world.

Bit2Me Launchpad is Bit2Me’s new service that allows you to participate early and exclusively in the launch of selected tokens. It’s an exclusive utility token launch platform that has been integrated into our Suite of more than 20 products and services 🤩

Through this platform, we open the doors to new opportunities, for both users and B2M holders, as well as developers, to support the growth and adoption of the crypto ecosystem.

Learn More About Our New Token Launch Platform

Bit2Me Launchpad is the solution offered by Bit2Me to facilitate the launch of high-quality utility token projects.

Companies and developers can use Bit2Me Launchpad as a simple and secure environment from which to launch their own tokens, while our B2M users and holders can benefit from early access to the best projects in the industry, to keep delving into the Blockchain revolution in the best way possible.

Bit2Me Launchpad will be the place from which selected companies and developers will be able to launch their ICOs (Initial Coin Offering) in an easy, quick and highly secure way, enjoying greater guarantees of success, thanks to our experience and international recognition in the crypto world. Companies and project developers will also benefit from the high level of security that we offer in each of our products and services.

Also, our B2M holders will have the unique opportunity to participate exclusively in new initiatives in the crypto industry, enjoying first-hand and early access to appealing and top-quality ICOs.

How Does Bit2Me Launchpad Work?

Bit2Me Launchpad is a launch service to access ICOs selected by a team of highly qualified Bit2Me professionals. Once selected, the ICOs will be available on the platform, where interested B2M holders will be able to access them early and exclusively by completing just a few simple steps.

What Are the Advantages of Using Bit2Me Launchpad for B2M Holders?

B2M holders will benefit from priority access to the pre-sale of new ICO tokens on Bit2Me Launchpad. The more B2M tokens you hold, the more chances of success you will have. Also, B2M holders will be able to upgrade their position on that waiting list at any time simply by purchasing new B2Ms. These new B2M acquisitions are commission-free, so improving your position on the list has never been easier.

Another advantage that B2M holders who participate in the sale of Bit2Me Launchpad tokens will have is the possibility of staking some of the tokens to obtain new rewards through the Bit2Me Earn service. Independently, all the tokens will be listed in Bit2Me, from where the rest of the users will be able to buy, sell or trade them.

At Bit2Me we filter the projects that will be available on Bit2Me Launchpad to ensure that only the highest quality and most useful projects, and those with a highly committed team, are available to our users. This way, we eliminate the risk of fraud, scams, and low-quality projects.

We strive to offer a secure, simple and intuitive product, accessible to anyone, regardless of their level of knowledge of the crypto and blockchain world. Thus, we allow all users to participate in the projects of their choice.

How Can You Access ICOs From Bit2Me Launchpad?

B2M holders and Bit2Me users who are interested in participating in pre-sales through Bit2Me Launchpad must be registered on our platform and have a verified account. You can create a Bit2Me account in less than 5 minutes! Check here how to do it.

Registered users must sign up to the token waitlist to schedule their reservation. They’ll be able to see in real time their position in the waitlist based on the B2Ms they have at that moment, but they’ll be able to improve their position if they acquire more B2Ms. On the launch day of the public phase, users must have available in their wallets the amount of euros needed to execute the order of reservation. As in the B2M ICO, Bit2Me users will be able to modify their reservations without losing their position on the waitlist!

How Can You Deposit Euros in Bit2Me?

To deposit euros into your Bit2Me wallet and participate in Bit2Me Launchpad projects, we provide you with a wide number of payment options and methods, from credit, debit and/or prepaid card payments, to cryptocurrency and stablecoins deposits, bank transfer and cash and Tikebit deposits. See how to top up your Euro wallet on Bit2Me here

Can I be excluded if I am on the Bit2Me Launchpad reservation list? 

Remember that being on the reservation list and having indicated that you wish to participate, does not ensure that your purchase will enter the sale phase. Purchases are executed according to your position in the reservation and all the available supplies may run out before your turn comes.