Bit2Me Launchpad is here, the service that facilitates participation in the ICOs selected by the Bit2Me team, in advance and with exclusive advantages for B2M holders. Following our roadmap, we continue to provide our token with utility and new features, and in Bit2Me Launchpad its holders are going to benefit from early access to token sales in their reservation phase. Here’s how it works.

The More B2Ms You Have, the More Chances of Success

In the weeks leading up to the launch of the first phase of the ICO, there will be an open reservation for all those B2M holders who want to participate with exclusive advantages. During those days, users will be able to indicate the number of tokens they want to reserve from the ICO, but only those who fulfill the most conditions will have the final option to buy them. It will depend on two variables: the number of B2Ms you have in your Bit2Me wallet and the moment you make the reservation.

Once you indicate that you want to participate in this first phase, you’ll be able to see a real-time ranking of your position in relation to other B2M holders: whoever has the most B2Ms will appear at the top. And yes, both the B2Ms you have staked in Bit2Me Earn and those you have in your wallet will be counted.

If the position you’re in doesn’t convince you and you want to improve it to have more chances of being one of the chosen ones, you can improve it by buying new B2Ms and taking them to your wallet. Remember that, in addition, the purchase of B2Ms is commission-free in Bit2Me, so it has never been so easy to move up in the list.

Why Is It So Important to Be at the Top?

When the reservation phase closes, those in the top positions will receive the new ICO tokens in Phase 1, i.e., with the best conditions. In short, to acquire the ICO tokens in the reservation phase, two fundamental conditions must be met:

  1. Own as many B2Ms as possible to be at the top of the list and ensure your participation.
  2. Indicate the number of ICO tokens you want to acquire in the reservation and have the corresponding amount in euros in your Euro Wallet. Otherwise, even if you’re at the top of the ranking, the operation won’t be carried out due to lack of funds and it will be the turn of the next on the list.

What if there is a tie between several B2M holders in the same position? In this case, the second factor that will influence will be the time at which you signed up with your B2Ms in the reservation phase: whoever signed up first will have preference over the other participants who have the same B2Ms. 

Update Your Reserved Amount Whenever You Want

From the moment you sign up with your B2Ms in the reservation phase until the day the phase closes, you have the option to change the amount you have reserved. Let’s see how with an example:

  • On the first day, you join the reservation phase with 10,000 B2Ms, but you’re in the lower positions of the ranking. With your Bit2Me wallet, you buy 10,000 more B2Ms and you’re at the top. As long as you don’t drop below that, your purchase is assured.
  • On the Launchpad platform, you indicate the amount of euros you want to purchase in ICO tokens. And remember, you need to have that amount available in your Euro Wallet on the day that phase closes.
  • A week after signing up, your position has dropped to the middle of the ranking, and you have doubts. Will it be enough to participate in the phase? To make sure, you buy more B2Ms and get back to the top of the list.
  • As the project appeals to you and you believe in its potential, you decide to increase the amount of ICO tokens to reserve. You can update it at any time, but this modification won’t influence your position in the ranking, which only fluctuates depending on the B2Ms you and the other users have.
  • On the day the phase starts, as long as you have the corresponding amount of B2Ms in your Euro Wallet, your participation is confirmed and the ICO tokens become part of your Bit2Me wallet.

Participate in the Bit2Me Launchpad ICO in Three Easy Steps

However, remember that being included in the reservation process and having indicated that you wish to participate doesn’t ensure that your purchase will enter the sale phase. Purchases are executed based on your reservation position, so all available tokens may run out before it’s your turn.