Bit2Me, the first company recognised by the Bank of Spain as a virtual currency service provider, has reached an agreement on Wednesday to allow 2gether customers to continue operating with their cryptocurrencies on Bit2Me without incurring any additional costs or management fees.

2gether users who transfer their balances to Bit2Me will be able to continue buying and selling cryptocurrencies without selling their positions and will be able to continue operating on the platform of the exchange founded by Leif Ferreira and Andrei Manuel.

Bit2Me will refund the cost of the €20 crypto maintenance fee charged by 2gether in July to users who continue to trade their existing funds through its platform.

Leif Ferreira, CEO and co-founder of Bit2Me, says the Spanish exchange is firmly committed to developing this market in the most transparent way.

“Training, knowledge and innovation are the keys to bring this sector to the whole of society. At Bit2Me we are committed to what we believe in. For us, the world of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology is and will be key to our present and future. For that reason, we want to be at the side of 2gether users who want to remain linked to the crypto ecosystem,” says Ferreira.