• In just 24 hours, a historic event in the cryptocurrency sector.
  • Since November 1, those who wish to acquire the B2M utility token in the market and benefit from its bonuses and advantages can do so from the Bit2Me website and app.
  • Among its potential is a team of more than 120 professionals and advisors such as Baldomero Falcones, former president of Mastercard International.


Madrid, November 3, 2021 — Bit2Me, a Spanish cryptocurrency service with a presence in more than 110 countries and almost half a million users, has enabled the possibility of acquiring its B2M token in the market. In just 24 hours the token has managed to revalue 630% and the volume of tokens moved by the market has reached almost $31 million.

Bit2Me already achieved unprecedented success in Spain just a few weeks ago, being the largest ICO (Initial Coin Offering) in the history of the country. This has put Spain on the map of blockchain innovation, demonstrating great acceptance throughout the different phases: €2.5 million in the private sale, and another €17.5 million more in the three subsequent phases, which lasted less than 60 seconds each.

The ICO ended with 11,000 people acquiring the B2M token, but nearly 48,000 more people scheduled their purchase during the ICO and were unable to obtain the token due to a lack of stock caused by high demand. However, following its roadmap, with the launch of the B2M token to the market on November 1, Bit2Me allows those who were left out during the ICO phase to purchase the B2M token in the marketplace directly through its platform.

Those interested in obtaining the Bit2Me cryptocurrency in the market can do so through its app and official website. The cryptocurrency is a utility token that provides its holders with up to 90% commission bonuses on services offered from the cryptocurrency platform, among other multiple benefits. The next step of its roadmap involves the launch of eleven new products and the integration of the platform with decentralized finance tools (DeFi dApps) to provide more facilities and accessibility to the user. All developed by a team of 120 people that continues to grow.

After all the support received, this utility token is traded on the market with a capitalization of €600 million, showing great potential especially if we look at similar cryptocurrencies such as BNB, which has a market capitalization of €85 billion and is the currency of a service very similar to Bit2Me.

To achieve all this development, Bit2Me has relied on highly experienced talent in different areas.

“We have brought together the best: Zeeshan Feroz, once in charge of all Coinbase operations outside the United States, is a strategic advisor; Rodolfo Carpintier, considered the father of the Internet in Spain; Baldomero Falcones, former president of Mastercard International, FCC and Banco Santander; and Raul Oliveira from Kraken, a major competitor of Bit2Me.”, explains Leif Ferreira, founding partner and CEO of Bit2Me.

Bit2Me’s roadmap plans a whole ecosystem of solutions for cryptocurrency holders, constantly launching new features. In addition, Bit2Me has just expanded the possibility of making direct deposits to more than 40 cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, ethereum, dogecoin, litecoin, to name a few, and stablecoins such as USDT, USDC, or DAI, as well as other DeFi (short for Decentralized Finance) currencies. All these features are being developed by a team of more than 120 people that continues to grow.

“We have a complete solution, a large customer base, and a recognized brand that leads the sector at the Ibero-American level. We see a huge opportunity to digitally transform the planet from Spain, and we want to greatly expand the team. We are hiring and training a lot of people, in fact we are going to hire 500 people in the next 3 years,” says Andrei Manuel, founding partner and COO of Bit2Me.

Advantages of B2M

The vast majority of the functionalities of the cryptocurrency services suite will feature utilities designed and oriented to B2M holders.

In addition to bonuses of up to 90% on transactions made on Bit2Me, the B2M token offers more benefits, such as refunds for purchases made with the Bit2Me Card in its partner network and governance capabilities, including the possibility to vote on future features to be offered on the platform.

Bit2Me’s main service already accounts for $1.5 billion worth of transactions annually and has active customers in more than 110 countries trading with its more than fifty available cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Polkadot, Dogecoin, or Uniswap, to name a few.