• Filecoin (FIL), Tron (TRX), and Aave (AAVE) are among these 20 newly incorporated cryptocurrencies.

  • Bit2Me’s platform offers a multicurrency wallet service to streamline the management of both euros and cryptocurrencies.

Bit2Me, the leading Spanish cryptocurrency company, which stands out for facilitating access and management to crypto, has added 20 new cryptocurrencies to its catalog, bringing the total number of cryptocurrencies to 41. All of them are available for purchase from the platform, which already included popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Cardano (ADA), or Monero (XMR), among others

The company has achieved a new milestone in its goal to “keep facilitating industry adoption, improve user experience and, at the same time, optimize the management of your crypto assets from a convenient and intuitive interface”, according to Leif Ferreira, CEO of Bit2Me.

Buy, Sell, and Keep Track of Cryptocurrency in a Safe and Easy Way

Cryptocurrency is a purely digital type of currency based on blockchain technology and cryptography. This can be done thanks to a secure, transparent, and private system which has the virtue of being decentralized, that is, there is no higher central authority as in the case of the traditional financial system. It is becoming increasingly common for users to adopt these new currencies as a new way of saving and as a store of value, even outside the tech sector. A revolutionary practice already adopted by large companies such as Tesla, PayPal, or Microsoft.

For comprehensive management of all cryptocurrencies, Bit2Me offers Wallet, a practical multicurrency wallet that allows users to buy, sell, receive, and trade cryptocurrencies and euros quickly and intuitively, with enhanced security with two-factor authentication and device authentication.

About Bit2Me

Bit2Me, founded by Leif Ferreira and Andrei Manuel in 2014, is a Spanish-based fintech startup with a team of more than 60 specialists dedicated to bringing the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology closer.

20 new cryptocurrencies list

  • Aave – AAVE
  • Aragon – ANT
  • Basic Attention Token – BAT
  • Balancer – BAL
  • Filecoin – FIL
  • Waves – WAVES
  • Kusama – KSM
  • YearnFinance – YFI
  • Curve – CRV
  • Nano – NANO
  • Tron – TRX
  • Icon – ICX
  • Kyber Network – KNC
  • Synthetix – SNX
  • Qtum – QTUM
  • Kava – KAVA
  • Decentraland – MANA
  • Algorand – ALGO
  • Flow – FLOW
  • Enzyme – MLN