Blockchain technology has transformed the world, offering new applications that were almost impossible to implement a few years ago. It began to develop in the economic sector and has since spread to other areas, as it is one of the most secure ways to access and exchange information in a decentralized manner.

Tokenization is one of the main uses of blockchain technology, with enormous potential and unimaginable limits. In addition to this revolution, cryptocurrency ICOs allow large projects to be carried out quickly and easily worldwide, opening up a huge range of possibilities.

At the Bit2Me Academy, we have designed a free tokenization, NFTs and ICOs course with an official certificate for you. It is divided into four blocks of 15 lessons, with a pathway that ranges from the most basic concepts to the most advanced ones:

  1. Introduction to tokens in blockchain
  2. Types of tokens
  3. How tokens work and their blockchain standards
  4. Buying, selling and saving cryptocurrencies

An optimized and adapted structure that will help you to understand this technology step-by-step and the benefits it can offer you.

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