We clearly know who “is in charge” at Bit2Me.


That’s why we only have one goal: To make your life easier.

In the last four months we:

  • Made the service instant: Time is not worth gold, as many people say. Time is priceless and we don’t want you to wait while using Bit2Me.
  • Frozen the price: Volatility is not cool. We want you to relax when you are operating with Bit2Me.
  • Gave support to iOS devices: Bit2Me was available through our web, as a chrome extension and as an Android app. Now you have access too through your iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Besides, we try to make our customer care service as approachable as possible and is open during the entire day.

Besides, our service is 98.2% of the time online, being the most stable and reliable among our competitors.


One of the main pillars of our culture is transparency and we have received recently several messages complaining about our pricing scheme.

From 06/08/15, the cost of using Bit2Me will be easier to understand to everyone:


1.5 € per operation. Period.


Our bitcoin price, as any other exchange, is based on market dynamics and we work to be as competitive as possible.

What lies ahead

We are happy to announce that in the next few weeks we will implement the bitcoin purchase option to offer a cheaper and easier way of buying bitcoins, accomplishing our mission of develope technology solutions to democratize the use of cryptocurrencies.

We keep walking.

Thank you all!



Cover image: Freepik