The public sale phase of the DUX IEO has ended.

Bit2Me has closed the Initial Exchange Offer (IEO) of DUX tokens, the second project launched on Bit2Me Launchpad, after 10 days.

The booking phase started last May 3rd and closed on the 10th at 15:00 (UTC+2). The second part of the IEO started on 10 May at 20:00 (UTC +2), after the booking executions were completed, and closed today, 13 May at 13:00 (UTC +2).

At the close of the DUX IEO, we had 1256 total holders and managed to sell 2,125,375.57 tokens in total.

Benefits for those who participated in the booking phase

B2M token holders were able to participate in the booking phase of the DUX token IEO and therefore enjoyed a number of benefits.

The first of these was early access to DUX tokens at a price of €0.23 per token. Why is this an advantage? Because the next DUX IEO, which takes place at the Copper Launch shuttle, will be priced at €0.94 per token.

DUX token benefits

To thank you for your trust, all of you who have participated in the DUX IEO on Bit2Me, you will be able to staking the blocked tokens, with an APY of 100%, from the moment the sale ends. These rewards will be distributed monthly and the tokens you receive will be unlocked.

There will also be an airdrop for all users who participate in the sale, proportional to the amount they participated with. These airdrops will be:

  1. 2% for users who participated with up to €200.
  2. 4% for those who bought up to €600.
  3. 8% for those who purchased up to €1,500.
  4. 10% for those who participated with up to €3,000.