This week is full of surprises in the Bit2Me Suite. Specifically, three. Triple listing! At Bit2Me we never stop. Our road to the moon never stops. What new coins will be added to the Bit2Me wallet? Which ones will be added to Bit2Me Earn? Which new pairs will you be able to trade with in Bit2Me Pro? Find out first hand with this article where we will be updating day after day the new features that bring this week. Let’s start!

Four new pairs to trade in Bit2Me Pro

We are pleased to announce that you can now trade with four new cryptocurrency trading pairs on Bit2Me Pro, our professional trading platform, the first one developed by a Spanish exchange. From now on you can trade with BTC, ETH, and USDT.

We have added Ethereum (ETH) and Tether (USDT) to Bit2Me Pro so you can trade these cryptocurrencies against EUR and BTC. New pairs available on our professional trading platform include ETH/EUR, BTC/USDT, ETH/USDT, and USDT/EUR. These add to the BTC/EUR pair, available since the launch of our trading platform, which moves a trading volume of more than 1,770 BTC (currently about €56.3 million) per day.

With these new additions, we now have a total of 5 trading pairs available on Bit2Me Pro.

New Crypto Trading Pairs

Please note that to access our professional trading platform you must use your Bit2Me user account. In Bit2Me Pro, you can take a proactive position in the market, using professional charts and other tools that allow you to do a complete and detailed analysis of your favorite crypto assets. In addition, we offer takers and makers the lowest transaction fees on the market.

New crypto listing!

Nervos Network (CKB)

Nervos Network is one of the most popular blockchain projects in recent months, thanks to its ability to build universal applications.

This blockchain protocol offers a highly scalable and interoperable ecosystem to allow developers to build a new generation of protocols and services. The main goal of the Nervos Network is to create the foundation for the development of a universal public network, similar to the Internet.

Nervos Network users can access any asset, on any blockchain network, from any digital wallet or solution. Also, developers can create applications and protocols compatible with any virtual machine (VM) on Nervos.

Ecomi (OMI)

Ecomi is a Singapore-based technology company that offers access to the world of digital collectibles through its marketplace, VeVe, where users can access millions of digital collectibles from their smartphones or tablets.

VeVe is a mobile app created to showcase and trade common, rare, or one-of-a-kind, limited edition digital collectibles with other platform users. This environmentally friendly marketplace has become one of the most popular apps in recent months, with licenses from brands such as Marvel, Adventure Time, Monster Hunter, DC Collectibles, and many more.

The OMI token is an integral part of VeVe and is used on this platform to underpin financial transactions within the app. This token, built on the GoChain blockchain using the GO20 token standard, will be migrating this year to Ethereum as an ERC20 token via Immutable X.

SCRT is available in Bit2Me Earn

We have added SCRT to our staking platform so you can reliably put your cryptocurrencies to work for you. With SCRT, you can receive up to 28% in annual compounded rewards. Plus, if you are a holder of B2M, the native token of our platform, you will receive additional benefits for staking SCRT from Bit2Me Earn. 

What is Secret (SCRT)?

Secret Network is a blockchain protocol developed to ensure user privacy. It is an open source solution that offers a high degree of privacy and security and seeks to empower users towards the new frontier of Web3. 

The blockchain features secret smart contracts that allow users to program the level of privacy they want, according to their needs. Also, secret contracts allow users to control how their data is used and shared within the network. 

SCRT, the network’s privacy-oriented cryptocurrency, is the latest crypto project to join our staking platform, the place where you can earn rewards with your cryptocurrencies without doing anything.