B2M starts a new era. Today we present its updated roadmap, with which we are going to provide our token with new utilities that will be enjoyed by the more than 76K holders that already use it or keep it in Earn today.

The life of B2M started in September 2021. At the end of that month, we launched our own ICO, managing to raise €17.5 million in less than 3 minutes, a record figure in Spain both in volume and time of collection. In addition, another €2.5 million were raised in a previous private round, making a total of €20 million. Since November 2021, B2M can be purchased on multiple exchanges such as Bit2Me, Uniswap, Bittrex and, since April 2022, also on Bitfinex.

In addition, since February of this year, Bit2Me is the first Spanish company registered with the Bank of Spain as a provider of virtual currency exchange services for fiat currency and custody of electronic wallets. It is also the largest online cryptocurrency academy in Spanish, with Bit2Me Academy, which already has more than four million users, and is backed by Tier One companies such as Huobi Ventures, Inveready or Valhalla Capital.

Updated Roadmap for B2M

B2M is the gateway to the larger Bit2Me ecosystem, and resides at the core of the entire suite of products such as the wallet, exchange, Earn and Launchpad. Holders gain access to numerous benefits such as:

  • Discounts
  • Kickbacks on buying, selling and exchanging
  • Higher APYs
  • Exclusive access to new features and Launchpad IEOs
  • Airdrops
  • Products and services offered by our current and future partners

Our goal is to further integrate the B2M token together with Bit2Me to make it one of the key pieces of the company’s ever growing ecosystem, through facilitating access to holders and users of the Bit2Me platform to use the token.

But our goals go much further. We want Bit2Me to become a global reference in terms of tokenomics and the different utilities that will be available to users through our utility token, both inside and outside the Bit2Me ecosystem. Specifically, we have set the goal of multiplying the number of B2M utilities, both in App, outside the App and in DeFi, where holders will have exclusive access to rewards such as Airdrops or Whitelist spots. In addition, we are currently considering the launch of +15 B2M-infused products and services that will have a huge impact both inside and outside the Bit2Me ecosystem – leveraging the different use cases that can be applied. We cannot guarantee how many of these will end up seeing the light of day, nor at what time, as we will only launch what really provides utilities and advantages for our community, given that the completion of the proposed goals is one of our main priorities.

We believe that the success of B2M implies the success of Bit2Me.

For these reasons, we consider our token as the main pillar of the self-sustaining ecosystem designed to act in your best interest, acting as the fuel that drives the great rocket that is Bit2Me. Beyond that, we want to develop a token for global use, breaking down the barriers between the traditional and crypto worlds, addressing the obstacles that may arise in finding different collaborations and synergies with different partners or countries where we want to increase our presence supporting the geographical expansion plan, using B2M to spearhead the opening of new markets.

B2M is trying to grow its ecosystem with the users in mind, as we want them to have an essential participation in the overall growth of Bit2Me. Therefore and after studying the current situation and Tier distribution, we wanted to find different ways in which we could provide users with an exclusive holders program, designed to provide everyone with different perks and advantages through:

  • Facilitating access to the highest Tiers
  • Listening to your suggestions and opinions
  • Increasing the benefits to B2M holders so they can take full advantage of it
  • Improvement on Tier- based APY

In order to achieve these goals we plan to increase the size of the token team and the publication of an updated roadmap that emphasizes new agreements and utilities for B2M. To this end, the following actions will be taken:

  • Improved communication system to keep users and holders updated at all times
  • Improved partnership system to to find the synergies most conducive to B2M growth and expansion
  • Improved geographic accessibility for users
  • Ensuring masterful execution and following of B2M tokenomics

It should be noted that we have a number of disruptive surprises in the sector, and in particular in the current utility token market, which we will be announcing as we launch them.

The Bit2Me company will continue to build to assure that the growth we have seen over the past years will be sustained in the future; the team is aligned and thoroughly working each day to achieve all the objectives we have set ourselves, which, according to our previous resume, is not likely to change. Welcome to the new era of B2M