• Bit2Me concludes Phase 3 of its ICO, the last one, in just 38 seconds. In total, the company has raised €17.5 million in less than three minutes through its B2M token, plus an additional €2.5 million from an earlier private sale.
  • Starting next November 1, the tokens will be available for purchase on Bit2Me‘s platform and progressively on other platforms.

Madrid, 21 September 2021 — Bit2Me, the Spanish company that offers technological financial services based on cryptocurrencies, has closed the third phase of its ICO (Initial Coin Offering) in just 38 seconds, raising a total of €17.5 million in less than three minutes between the 3 public sale phases that took place throughout September.

This is a historic milestone, as it is the first time a company issues a utility token that allows customers, users, and the community to have advantages in the company’s services and governance, as well as liquidity in the market at any time.

The first phase of the ICO closed in 59 seconds (€5 million), the second in 47 seconds (€7.5 million), and the third and last in 38 seconds (€5 million). If we add to these figures the €2.5 million raised in the previous private sale that took place at the beginning of last August, the result is that Bit2Me has reached a total of €20 million, setting a historical precedent in the history of the cryptocurrency industry in Spain and consolidating Bit2Me as one of the leaders in the sector. This has been possible through the B2M utility token, developed entirely by the Spanish platform.

“We have received great interest in buying B2M tokens in the different phases of the ICO. But this journey has just begun; as of November 1, our tokens will be available for purchase, like any other cryptocurrency, on Bit2Me, Bittrex, and increasingly on more platforms. The success of B2M marks a before and after in the Spanish crypto ecosystem”, explains Abel Peña, Chief Revenue Officer at Bit2Me.

Those who have opted to acquire B2M tokens will enjoy different benefits, such as discounts of up to 90% on fees, better conditions in the various services associated with the platform, and, as mentioned above, governance over the company in certain aspects.

New Era for the Spanish Crypto Industry

This is the biggest ICO ever launched in Spain, in which the incorporation of top-tier talent has been key to its success. That is the case of Baldomero Falcones, formerly worldwide chairman of Mastercard—between 2002 and 2006—and CEO of FCC, who has been working now for some weeks as Senior Advisor for Bit2Me. Another of the renowned additions to the team has been that of Zeeshan Feroz, former CEO of Coinbase in Europe and the UK, who has accompanied the Spanish platform throughout the entire ICO process. In addition, Rodolfo Carpintier, the entrepreneur and father of the Internet in Spain, is also working side by side with Leif Ferreira, CEO and founder of the company.

Bit2Me has recently launched a new street advertising campaign to celebrate the success of its ICO. The Spanish platform has installed billboards in different neuralgic points of Madrid: Puerta del Sol, Gran Vía, Plaza de España, Plaza de Colón, Paseo de Recoletos, Plaza de Castilla and Cuatro Caminos. As icing on the cake, Bit2Me has deployed a giant canvas in one of the best known and busiest places in the Spanish capital, the Puerta del Sol, with the following message: “Bitcoin: Welcome to the Independent Republic of Your Money”. This campaign is in addition to other street advertising campaigns that the company has promoted to raise awareness of Bitcoin technology in places such as Italy (Milan), Portugal (Lisbon) and Andorra.