• Bit2Me launches a campaign with 300 posters deployed in the most emblematic areas of Madrid.
  • The company has just closed the second phase of its ICO, in which it has once again broken records by reaching €7.5 million in 47 seconds.

Madrid, 16 September 2021. Bit2Me, the Spanish company that offers technological financial services based on cryptocurrencies, has deployed a spectacular 23 meters by 15 meters canvas in one of the best known and busiest places in Madrid, the Puerta del Sol with the slogan “Bitcoin: Welcome to the Independent Republic of Your Money”.

With this action, Bit2Me completes the street advertising campaign that during the last days has filled Madrid with 300 posters with different and funny slogans, such as ”You’re living in the year 12 after Crypto”—alluding to the year of the birth of Bitcoin—or “To all the pickpockets of Madrid, we’re sorry”—referring to the new means of digital payment. For this campaign, the company chose emblematic locations in Madrid, such as Puerta del Sol, Gran Vía, Plaza de España, Plaza de Colón, Paseo de Recoletos, Plaza de Castilla or Cuatro Caminos.

Bit2Me thus celebrates the resounding success of its ICO, with which it has raised more than €15 million through its B2M token. The first €2.5 million were raised in a previous private sale held in early August. Just a few weeks later, the first phase of the ICO reached €5 million in just 59 seconds, while the second phase raised €7.5 million in 47 seconds. The third and last phase will take place on September 21.

B2M token holders will enjoy different benefits, such as discounts of up to 90% on fees, better conditions in the various associated services, and governance to decide on some aspects of the company’s future. Those interested in participating in the ICO and queuing up to get B2M tokens can schedule their purchase through the form available at https://bit2me.com/token.

Bit2Me has led other street marketing campaigns in other European countries such as Italy, Portugal, Andorra or Monaco, to publicize tools designed to help with crypto management. In addition, in its Suite, Bit2Me offers more than 60 virtual currencies, such as Ethereum, Cardano, Polkadot, Uniswap, or Bitcoin itself. The platform is available in more than 80 countries worldwide.

Other Milestones

Bit2Me has developed, among other products, Bit2Me Pay, a service for sending and receiving payments in cryptocurrencies or euros. This service is fee-free, simple, immediate, and 100% secure since payments are activated with two-factor authentication.

In addition, for those interested in crypto trading, the company offers Bit2Me Trade, the first high-frequency cryptocurrency trading platform developed by an exchange in Spain. This tool is aimed at investors and traders interested in bitcoin.

Bit2Me has recently incorporated to its team talents of recognized prestige in the technology and financial sector, such as Baldomero Falcones, who has joined the platform as Senior Advisor.  Falcones, who was worldwide chairman of Mastercard between 2002 and 2006 and CEO of FCC, now aims to expand Bit2Me Card, a service that offers a state-of-the-art Mastercard connected to the crypto world that allows paying both in euros and virtual currencies. Zeeshan Feroz, the former CEO of Coinbase in Europe and the UK, has also joined the team. His mission is to accompany Bit2Me in its ICO, the largest launched in Spain to date. In addition, Rodolfo Carpintier, entrepreneur and father of the Internet in Spain, is another of the renowned profiles that have joined the Spanish company.

Promoting Crypto Knowledge

Another of Bit2Me’s priority objectives is to promote the culture and knowledge about cryptocurrencies, an increasingly developed sector with exponential growth in terms of interest among the population.

Bit2Me is a worldwide reference platform in terms of dissemination and training on bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and new technologies. Bit2Me offers this service through Bit2Me Academy, the largest and most complete free cryptocurrency training academy in Spanish.