Today we introduce you to our Bit2Me Earn staking service. This service offers our clients and users a really interesting alternative to earn rewards with their cryptocurrencies, including relevant opportunities with all types of cryptocurrencies and some extra benefits for users who choose to receive their rewards in B2M.

Bit2Me Earn: What It Is and How It Works

Bit2Me Earn is a service that offers rewards of up to 20% in cryptocurrencies to holders of other cryptocurrencies for transferring and storing them in their fee-free Bit2Me account. It is a free service that offers complete freedom to withdraw or add cryptocurrencies anytime.

This Bit2Me service provides up to 28% rewards in traditional cryptocurrencies. The Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is a method used to calculate the rate of return earned in a CeFi or DeFi scheme over a year.

Bit2Me Earn is similar to crypto staking, as it allows virtual currencies to be held in a wallet to support the security and operations of a blockchain network. The user, in return, receives rewards in cryptocurrencies, much like the interest once provided by other more traditional sectors.

Advantages of Bit2Me Earn Over Other Exchanges

Although many exchanges offer these types of staking services, it is worth mentioning that Earn is a staking service designed by Bit2Me to be the best tool to earn rewards with crypto assets worldwide, offering a much higher APY in most cryptocurrencies than other exchanges. For example, when trading Bitcoin, the APY you can earn using Bit2Me’s Earn service is 5%, similar to what you can get with Binance and higher than the APY you can get with Kraken (0.25%), Bitpanda (3,55%) or (1%).

As for Ether, the cryptocurrency of the Ethereum network, Bit2Me is currently the best alternative available, well ahead of Binance (2.4%), Kraken (4%) and (1%). Regarding USDC, the APY you can get with Bit2Me (8%) is clearly higher than what you can get with Binance (1.2%), the only other exchange offering this alternative. As for ADA, Bit2Me’s APY (4.5%) is higher than that of Kraken and Bitfinex (4%), as well as that of (1%).

Regarding DAI, with Bit2Me Earn, you can get an Annual Percentage Yield of 8%, while with Binance it is only 2.2%. With DOT, you can get an APY of 12%, the same as in Kraken and higher than what you can get in Binance (0.5%), Bitfinex (7%) and (8%).

For SOL, you can get the best APY with Bit2Me, which ties with Bitfinex at 6.5% and is well above Binance’s 0.78%, Kraken’s 6% and’s 1.5%. As for KAVA, you can get an APY of 20% with Bit2Me, far exceeding the APY you can get with Binance (2.49%). With ATOM, you can get an APY of up to 7.5% with Bit2Me, above what you can earn with Bitfinex (1.5%) and Binance (1.42%). Finally, with XTZ, you can get an APY of around 5%, which puts Bit2Me above average, along with Kraken and Bitfinex.

Bitpanda has recently launched its new staking service promising interesting benefits. From Bit2Me we have analyzed the most important data related to the APY that is possible to obtain with this platform and its staking service in order to update this information about our Bit2Me Earn Staking service including this exchange in our comparative table and the conclusions obtained have been that the Bi2Me Earn service continues to offer better APY than most exchanges in almost all the listed currencies, so we continue to be the best alternative to trade your cryptos safely.

Another advantage offered by Bit2Me Earn is an extra 2% to users who choose to receive their rewards for staking in B2M, the Bit2Me token. The services offered by other exchanges to earn rewards can be very complex, entailing a high risk for users, especially if they are just starting in the crypto world. That is why Bit2Me’s staking service is simple and easy to use, ensuring convenience and simplicity for clients and users to trade their cryptocurrencies, store them securely and earn extra profit for doing so.