Bit2Me Launchpad continues its journey to the moon 🌑, and this time wants to bring you closer to the blockchain gaming world. To do so, DUX Games, the largest gaming community in Latin America (LATAM), will launch its Initial Exchnage Offering (IEO) on Bit2Me Launchpad.

👾 What’s DUX Games? 👾

Dux Games is a market-oriented ecosystem for the LATAM market that selects, incubates and accelerates P2E gaming communities so that they become successful, decentralized and autonomous businesses.

Dux Games is currently the largest blockchain gaming company in LATAM, providing specialized information, technical training and access to games for a community of more than 30,000 people.

Founded in 2021, Dux has achieved remarkable results in less than four months that offer them a differential strategic advantage in Spanish and Portuguese speaking South American countries:

  •   DUX offers the largest Axie Infinity scholarship in LATAM, with 1,700 players, approximately 5,000 Axis and an investment of almost $1 million.
  •   Manager of the BSA, which is the largest Star Atlas guild in the world, with 7,000 participants and around $700,000 invested.
  •   It has one of the biggest global contributions in Genopets, assuming a leading position in LATAM for the launch of the game.

Reserve Your DUX Token: Tokens Are Limited 👨‍🚀

DUX Games, the largest blockchain gaming company in LATAM, will be the second project that Bit2Me Launchpad will leverage to launch the DUX Games utility token IEO.

Starting May 3, B2M token holders—Bit2Me’s native token—will be able to join the DUX Games IEO reserve list and take advantage of a variety of exclusive benefits. As always, the reservation process will be carried out through our website and our App.

Want to Know What the Process Will Be Like? 🚀🚀

  • From May 3 at 15:00 until May 10 at 15:00 (UTC +2), all B2M holders will be able to sign up for the reserve list, which will be dynamic. Dynamic? Yes, so the more B2M tokens you have, the higher you’ll be on the list. Why would you want to be at the top of the list? Because places for the first phase of the IEO are limited, only those at the top of the list will be able to get their DUX tokens. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how the Bit2Me Launchpad reservation system works.
  • 🚨 We update the dates 🚨: The next phase of the DUX IEO will take place between May 10 and 13. On May 10 at 18:00 reservations will be automatically executed. This will be followed by the public sale starting at 20:00, which will have a minimum ticket size of €100, and the price per token will be €0.23. The public sale will be open until May 13 at 13:00.

How to Deposit Funds to Enter the Reserve Phase

Once you are on the reserve list, you have to select the euro wallet with which you’ll pay for the IEO tokens. Remember that you need to have sufficient funds when the phase starts (May 2 for phase 1 and May 9 for phase 2).

And how can you have funds in your Euro Wallet? It’s very simple:

  •   Direct fiat.
  •   Euro deposit by bank transfer.
  •   Euro deposit with credit / debit / prepaid card.
  •   Cash deposit.
  •   Depositing crypto from abroad and converting them to euro.
  •   Converting cryptos credited to your wallet to euro.
  •   Through funds with Tikebit.

🥇 What Advantages Will B2M Holders Have? 🥇

B2M Holders will have the following exclusive advantages:

  •   Priority access to the reservation phase, being able to enjoy better conditions in the following phases and the guarantee that they’ll be able to purchase the number of tokens they want, as long as they are in a good position on the list and have, at the time of executing the purchase, the amount in euros available in their Euro Wallet.
  •   Improving your position on the list has never been easier: buying B2M tokens is commission-free with Bit2Me.
  •   Find out about new Launchpad projects in advance.
  •   Guaranteed listing of IEO tokens on Bit2Me. You’ll be able to buy, sell, exchange and trade the tokens once they’ve been released.
  •   In the future, B2M holders will also be able to stake new IEO tokens to generate rewards without doing anything.

Can I Be Left Out of the Sale Process Even if I’m on the Reserve List? 😭

Being on the reserve list and indicating your interest in participating doesn’t ensure that your purchase will enter the sale phase. Purchases are executed according to your position on the reserve list, and all available supplies may be sold out before it’s your turn. That’s why it’s very important to have as many B2M tokens as possible to ensure an advantageous position in the reserve list.

🚨 DUX IEO has been updated! 🚨

We will reduce the maximum offer of DUX tokens in the Bit2Me Launchpad IEO to € 1M, as some tokens will be moved to the Copper Launch offer, where they will be priced at 0,94€.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be one of the first DUX holders, participating in the Bit2Me Launchpad IEO! Remember that the starting price is 0,23€ and that you have until Monday 9th May at 15:00 to participate in the reservation.

From 10 May, when the reservation ends, you can participate in the purchase of the remaining tokens until the closing of the IEO, which will take place on 13 May.

DUX takes you to the moon 🚀🌕

To thank you for your trust, all of you who have participated in the DUX IEO on Bit2Me, you will be able to stake the locked tokens, with an APY of 100%, from the moment the sale ends. These rewards will be distributed monthly and the tokens you receive will be unlocked.

There will also be an airdrop for all users who participate in the sale, proportional to the amount they have participated with. These airdrops will be

  1. 2% for users who have participated with up to 200€.
  2. 4% for those who have bought up to 600 euros.
  3. 8% for those who have purchased up to 1,500 euros.
  4. 10% for those who have participated with up to 3,000 euros.

On top of all this, for all those who participated in the booking phase and received their NFT (all users who participated in the booking and deposited enough money in their wallet to participate, even if they missed the phase), they will receive an extra airdrop of DUX tokens (amount to be determined).

🚨 We list DUX on Bit2Me 🚨

The DUX token will be available on Bit2Me from 13 November between 13:00 and 13:30 Spanish time (12:00/12:30 CET)

From then on, you will be able to buy, sell, withdraw and deposit your DUX tokens freely from your Bit2Me Wallet.

🪂 Airdrop of DUX tokens at Bit2Me 🪂

But there’s more, all of you who participated in the DUX token sale will also be able to access an airdrop, proportional to the amount you participated with. 

These airdrops will be:

  • 2% for those who participated with up to 200€.
  • 4% for those who participated with up to 600€.
  • 8% for those who bought up to €1,500.
  • 10% for those who participated with up to €3,000.

Please note that the airdrop will be distributed on the 13th of each month (subject to release) for a period of 6 months.

Want more? Put your DUX on Bit2Me Earn and earn rewards with your tokens 💰

To thank all of you who participated in the DUX IEO through Bit2Me Launchpad for your trust, you will be able to staking on Earn with your tokens locked (for 6 months) with a 100% APY, from the moment the sale ends.