The launch of Limewire’s token on Bit2Me Launchpad has concluded with great success. The project, being the first Web3 platform for artists, brands, and content creators, has managed to raise 444,071 euros on Bit2Me Launchpad, continuing the positive reception that the first 2023 launch on Bit2Me had with $GFAL, which raised nearly 200,000€ in just 14 seconds of public sale.

Phase One: High demand for tokens

Limewire’s launchpad on Bit2Me was divided into two phases. During the first phase, reserved for token reservations with priority given to B2M holders, 769 users participated and managed to raise 232,732.8€. This phase was open from May 4th to May 13th, and the token quantity for sale had to be increased due to the enthusiastic response from the Bit2Me community. A total of 1.46 million $LMWR tokens were issued at a price of 0.18€ per token, which will be released at a rate of 16.67% each month for six months starting from November 15th, 2023.

Phase Two: Sold-Out in a Weekend

If the first phase surprised with the positive reception the project received, the second phase did not fall behind. In just three days, 782,734 $LMWR tokens were sold at a price of 0.27€ per token, raising a total value of 211,338€ with 491 participants in this phase. In this case, all tokens were also released on May 15th, allowing trading to commence immediately upon listing on Bit2Me and other exchanges on May 16th.

Limewire, a Project with long-term future

LimeWire is the first Web3 platform for artists, brands, and content creators that utilizes blockchain technology and NFTs to offer subscribers the ability to own and exchange exclusive content.

With LimeWire, subscribers can engage in communities and own content generated by their favorite artists, monetizing fan engagement.

This creates a circular economy where creators earn recurring income from their content, while fans gain access to a private community, exclusive content, and the opportunity to interact with their favorite artists.

Bit2Me Launchpad, the Comprehensive Token Launch Solution

Bit2Me Launchpad is part of a suite of comprehensive products and services aimed at companies looking to create, launch, and enhance their own tokens. It encompasses everything from advising on utility token creation (including technical, security, legal aspects, etc.) to promoting and executing the IEO, both in its private and public phases.

It also offers services beyond the IEO to increase token utility and encourage their use. This service meets a clear market need by enabling any organization to create and launch a utility token quickly, easily, and with a proven success story, such as the launch of B2M, Bit2Me’s native token.