You can now use Euros in Bit2Me Card 💳

If you have a EUR wallet in Bit2Me Wallet you can now connect your card to pay for whatever you want, in more than 9 million merchants (physical and digital) around the world, with your Bit2Me Card.

LimeWire is available on Bit2Me 🍋

Our Launchpad has been running at full power these weeks with LimeWire. We expanded the token supply from Phase 1 and had to open a sales phase so that everyone could get their tokens. 

Now, you can buy, sell or trade LMWR directly on Bit2Me.

ORDI comes to Bit2Me 🧭

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past few weeks, you’ve surely heard of ORDI. New Bitcoin tokens are coming to Bit2Me, get your hands on them!

EURT on Earn 🇪🇺

If you have EURT now you can squeeze them to the max and get rewards if you pass them to Earn. We give you a maximum APY of 5.1% – don’t miss the opportunity!

New EURT/EUR pair 💶

If trading is your thing, we also have news for you. Two new pairs are coming to Bit2Me Pro: EURT/EUR.