At Bit2Me we want cryptocurrencies to reach every corner of the world, so we are constantly incorporating improvements and new products to our Suite. One of the latest is Bit2Me Pay, do you want to know how it works? Keep reading and we’ll explain it to you! 👇

Before you read on, think of someone in your circle of friends who does NOT have email. 🤔 Difficult, isn’t it? Well, just with this information, all these people already have the ability to receive cryptocurrencies and euros from any user that trades with our App or web, thanks to Bit2Me Pay. And all for free and instantly! 😱

Start sending and receiving cryptos and euros

Commission-free, instant and easy to use. This is the definition of our new free service for sending cryptocurrencies and euros from our App. To start using it, you only need the e-mail address of the person you want to send the money to. They do NOT need to have a Bit2Me account.

❓ How Bit2Me Pay WORKS  ✔ Main FEATURES of Bit2Me Pay
1️⃣ Log in to your Bit2Me wallet.  

2️⃣ Select the source wallet and click SEND.

3️⃣ Choose the sending method.

4️⃣ Type the amount you wish to send.

5️⃣ CHECK all the data and SEND. 📨

⏳ The addressee will receive it in a few seconds.

🆓 Free of charge.

❌ No usage fees.

⚡ Fast: transactions in a few seconds.

💰 Micropayments: from 0.25€ and 30 payments per day.

🗺 More than 100 countries.

🔐 Secure shipping.

Sending crypto is easier than ever. Try it from your Bit2Me Wallet.

Do you have a business?

Now accepting payments is not an excuse! 🚫 With your Bit2Me user account verified you will be able to accept payments.

If you have a business or know anyone interested such as stores, restaurants, hotels… now you can transform digitally at zero cost, and in less than 1 minute, be the first one to accept cryptocurrencies! In this world, where it seems that everything is already done, you rarely have the opportunity to be the first in something. So you already know. 😉

Ah, let us know and we’ll help you promote your business in the media.

And then what 🤔

Once you have received a payment in Bit2Me Pay…. Be Free! 🆓 You can:

  • Convert the full or partial payment to euros -also to other cryptocurrencies, including dollar stablecoin-
  • Withdraw the money to your bank
  • Withdraw to an external crypto wallet
  • Pay other users/businesses, for free and instantly with Bit2Me Pay