Bit2Me, the first company recognised by the Bank of Spain as a virtual currency service provider, will participate in South Summit 2022, the leading event in innovation and entrepreneurship to be held from 8 to 10 June at La Nave in Madrid and will bring together more than 450 internationally renowned speakers as well as professional investors and entrepreneurs from all over the world.

The aim of Bit2Me is to bring crypto knowledge to society and share the challenge initiated by the company (CryptoTour) to make Spain a world leader in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology with the help of companies, universities and civil society. 

The meeting will be attended by Koh Onozawa, managing director of Bit2me, who will speak on two panels related to the world of cryptocurrencies and tokenization. In the first of the presentations, entitled “Crypto, NFTs and the future of payments”, Onozawa will be accompanied by Pol Martin (CEO of Rand Network), Edwin Mata (CEO of Brickken) and Christian Rau (vice president of Mastercard) and Uri Sabat (CCO of Criptan). 

The Bit2Me executive will also be a speaker at the “Decoding Tokenisation” panel, where Onozawa will talk about the fundamentals of the tokenization of the economy alongside experts from the investment world such as Aniol Brosa (Partner at Inveready) and Ernest Sanchez (Nuclio) and from the payments world such as Pol Martin (CEO of Rand Network). 

Onozawa believes that it is very important that an event of the size of the South Summit starts talking about cryptocurrencies, NFT and the token economy, as this means that there is real interest on the part of society. 

“I think it’s very relevant that this year South Summit is hosting talks on cryptocurrencies, tokenization and metaverse, as the trends that are usually picked up at this event are usually trendsetting in the investment field,” says Onozawa. 

Bit2Me’s participation in South Summit is part of the CryptoTour of knowledge, an initiative organized by the company that seeks to make Spain a world leader in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology with the help of universities, companies and institutions.

Although the CryptoTour will begin in Spain, Bit2Me aims to export its initiative to other countries where the Spanish exchange operates. In this way, the differential value that Bit2Me has as a brand and that has made Bit2Me Academy the best known and most extensive training portal in Spanish for learning about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology will be strengthened.