Your favorite day of the week is here! 

And it’s no wonder, just a few days before the Bitcoin Halving arrives, we bring you a Tuesday News loaded to the brim. Will you join us? Let’s get started.

Improved Dashboard! 📳

We’ve enhanced the dashboard of our app to provide you with a better browsing experience when checking your portfolio. You can also trade big from your App with the new Mega Menu. Take control of all your operations from an expanded new menu.

New Missions at Space Center 🛸

Embark on the new missions at Space Center for Card and PRO and level up to unlock more advantages and benefits at Bit2Me. 

Get your physical card, receive cashback, and trade on Bit2Me PRO to complete these new missions.

New to Wallet and PRO: OMNI 🪙

Starting from tomorrow, April 17th at 14:00 UTC+2, you’ll be able to buy, sell, or exchange OMNI from Wallet. And if you’re into trading, you’ll also be able to trade with OMNI on Bit2Me Pro.

💡 Why are you interested in $OMNI?

Omni Network is a blockchain that addresses the issue of Ethereum rollup fragmentation by providing a platform that enables developers to launch their own DApps leveraging the security and stability of Ethereum, and utilizing the EigenLayer restaking system.

This way, Omni Network prevents liquidity fragmentation across different Ethereum Layer 2 solutions, bringing applications together on a single platform.

Buy and Sell Orders come to Web 🧰

You can now set up your buy and sell orders from your web browser. 

Create your buy or sell orders, and when the actual market price reaches what you’ve configured, the order is automatically executed, and we’ll notify you directly with a notification.

New Network: Arbitrum! 🛣️

You can now deposit and withdraw ETH tokens through Arbitrum, a faster and more efficient Layer 2 network. 

Bring your ETH to Bit2Me through Arbitrum and enjoy a secure, transparent, and user-friendly platform.

De.Fi on Wallet! 🔥

The DEFI token arrives at Wallet, and we celebrate with a €10 fee voucher for you and with over 10 new trading pairs on Bit2Me PRO:

  • BRC20/USDT