At Bit2Me, we have great news because today we bring you a new token to your wallet, with which you’ll have 0 fees by participating in this promotion. $DEFI, the native token of, joins Bit2Me, and with it, you’ll enjoy exclusive advantages. Thus, the $DEFI token is the native governance token of the De.Fi ecosystem, present on multiple blockchains. This token allows users to actively participate in the ecosystem, vote on governance proposals presented by the community, and enjoy exclusive features within the platform.

How does the promotion work?

By purchasing $DEFI from your Wallet between April 16th and April 18th, you’ll receive a €10 coupon on fees, which will be applied to you at the end of the promotion.

If you want to learn more about how this promotion works, we explain everything in the legal terms and conditions.

New! We have improved the system for participating in promotions: now in a simpler way from your Bit2Me App, you can enter the code of each promotion and check from the “Your Promotions” screen all those in which you have registered.

From this screen, you can also check the conditions of each promotion.

Additionally, you can continue to sign up as you have done so far through this link.

What to do to participate?

  1. Have a registered and verified account on Bit2Me and be logged into the Bit2Me App
  2. In the menu, go to “Your promotions”
  3. Click on “Register for the promotion”
  4. Enter the code DEFIUG and click on “Continue”
  5. You will see the information of the promotion and it will appear in the list of “Your promotions”
  6. Your registration has been completed.
  7. Make any purchase of $DEFI in Bit2Me Wallet from April 16th to April 18th at 23:59 UTC+2 and we will refund the fees at the end of the promotion.

What is the $DEFI token?

It’s a utility token that allows you to access functionalities such as:

  1. Access to De.Fi products and services: DEFI holders have full access to all De.Fi products, such as the audit database, the Rekt database, the approvals page, and the smart contract scanner.
  2. Discounts in the app: DEFI holders are offered discounts when using any De.Fi service, such as the multi-harvest service.
  3. Exclusive access to chats and support: DEFI holders can access internal channels where the most engaged members of the community can interact more closely with the De.Fi team.
  4. Partner benefits: The DEFI token can be used in partner liquidity pools or related DEFI token staking options.

Thus, the $DEFI token plays a crucial role in the De.Fi ecosystem, offering a wide range of utilities and benefits for its holders. From access to exclusive products and discounts on services to participation in ecosystem governance, the DEFI token is designed to incentivize active participation and long-term growth of the De.Fi ecosystem. Over time, it is anticipated that more utilities and ways to earn $DEFI will be added, further enriching its value for the community.