New feature: Average Purchase Price! 🧮

Finding the right time to exit a cryptocurrency is not easy. You have to calculate carefully when to sell if you don’t want to lose.

Don’t puzzle over it anymore. With the new Average Purchase Price feature, you can determine the best time to sell a crypto.

On the purchase screen of those cryptocurrencies you have traded, you can see the Average Purchase Price, calculated from all your transactions with that cryptocurrency.

This way, you can compare your average purchase price with the current price and know if it’s a good time to buy or sell.

Update your app to version 3.8.0 and enjoy this new feature.

Wemix comes to Wallet and Pro 🪙

$WEMIX arrives at Bit2Me Wallet and Pro, and we celebrate by giving away coupons with €10 discounts on fees for your purchases.

🤔 Why is WEMIX interesting?

WEMIX is a gaming platform that uses blockchain to offer features such as verifiable ownership, secure transactions, and a market to trade these assets.

Deposit USDT on TRON 💱

We have enabled USDT deposits via the TRON network.

Bring your USDT to Bit2Me and enjoy a secure, transparent crypto platform with the best customer service.