Today is a very special day because Bit2Me has been chosen by WEMIX Coin as the first exchange in Europe to list its coin. Following the unprecedented success of the game MIR4 on the Wemix Play platform, with more than 1.4 million concurrent users and a base of 20 million registrations from over 170 countries, they are finalizing the launch of its next blockchain game called Night Crows, for which the WEMIX Coin will be essential. Therefore, the listing on Bit2Me represents a strategic move by the South Korean company towards greater adoption and use of Night Crows starting from the first quarter of 2024.

And to celebrate, we have prepared a very special promotion with which you can get a €10 coupon on commissions at Bit2Me.

What to do to participate?

  • Have a registered and verified account on Bit2Me.
  • Go to the promotion website and register with your phone number. Remember to use the phone number linked to your Bit2Me account.
  • Make any purchase of $WEMIX on the Bit2Me Wallet from February 6 to February 8 at 23:59 UTC+1 and we will refund the fees at the end of the promotion.

How does the promotion work?

When you buy WEMIX Coin from your Wallet between February 6 and February 8, you will receive a 10 euro coupon in fees, which will be applied at the end of the promotion.

If you want to know more about how this promotion works, we explain everything in the legal terms.

What is WEMIX?

WEMIX3.0 Mainnet is an experience-based, platform-driven, and service-oriented mega-ecosystem. The Mainnet is a high-performance EVM-compatible open-source protocol powered by the SPoA (Stake-based Proof of Authority) consensus mechanism. The mainnet offers the highest security possible, based on decentralized on-chain governance via 40 Node Council Partners(NCP), also known as 40 WONDERS, while still ensuring high TPS. Consensus will evolve towards complete decentralization through a multi-phase democratized governance.


WEMIX is the native coin of the WEMIX mega-ecosystem, used as a medium of exchange and payment method for gas fees. One WEMIX coin is minted per each subsequent block created.

Individually functional and collectively aligned key platforms and components directly contribute to the growth and expansion of WEMIX and the mega-ecosystem; for example WEMIX PLAY, the largrs blockchain gaming platform; NILE, NFT market place and DAO launchpad, and WEMIX.Fi, DeFi platform.