From Bit2Me we continue to collaborate with projects that add value to the crypto universe and that is why we have decided to launch a distribution of $ 5,000 (approx.*) in $TON for five days in a row. We tell you how this ‘5 Day FIdelity for B2M Holders’ will work. 

TON is committed to building not only a payment system, but also a complete infrastructure capable of decentralizing various services. Thus, as this is a really interesting project that can bring and is already bringing real value to the crypto universe, from Bit2Me we have decided to launch a distribution of $ 5,000 (Approx) in $TON to continue bringing the crypto world closer to a larger and larger part of society with valuable projects that adds value to this universe that continues to grow and surprise us every day.

We explain the conditions in more detail

Among the most important facts you should know about these new actions, the first one is that the Airdrop will be activated from 05/30/2022 to 06/03/2022. During that period participants will have the opportunity to get rewards of up to $1,000 (Approx) in $TON, which will be distributed equally among those who have purchased 300 B2M each day.

Duration: 5 days.

👆 Condition: Buy and add 300 B2M or more in Earn during the days of the event.

🪙 Reward: 1,000 $ (Approx) $TON equally split among those who have purchased 300 B2M each day, i.e. the more days you participate, the more $TON you will receive.

💎 Distribution of the $5,000 (Approx) $TON during the Airdrop.

The Airdrop of $5,000 (Approx) $TON will be distributed daily as follows:  

  • Airdrop Day 1 (May 30): $1,000 (Approx) $TON 
  • Day 2 of the Airdrop (May 31): $1,000 (Approx) in $TON 
  • Airdrop Day 3 (June 1): $1,000 (Approx) in $TON 
  • Airdrop Day 4 (June 2): $1,000 (Approx) in $TON 
  • Day 5 of the Airdrop (June 3): $1,000  (Approx) in $TON 

In addition, you should know that each day these amounts will be split equally among the participants. This action will be carried out among the people who have purchased at least 300 B2M and have passed it to Earn. 

The participants will be able to enjoy the daily distribution as long as they buy the amount of B2M indicated above and follow all the established conditions, so if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can carry out the procedure correctly.

When do I receive the rewards?

All participants will receive the rewards at the end of the campaign. For example, if you have participated 3 of the 5 days, once the campaign ends you will receive the $TON corresponding to those 3 days in which you have actively participated 

What are you waiting for to participate? If it is still unclear or you want to know more information, don’t worry because you can read the legal rules of the event here.

The participation in this event implies the acceptance of the legal bases.