The fund manager Inveready and its crypto investee Bit2me, present this Thursday the first HUB dedicated to Web3.0, a new Crypto HUB that will provide services to startups in the sector through a venture builder (Wagmi) and a crypto startup accelerator. 

The event will be attended by the CEO of Inveready, Ignacio Fonts, the CEO of Bit2Me, Leif Ferreira and the CEO of Wagmi, André Caçador. Aniol Brosa (Partner at Inveready), José Luís Cáceres (CMO of Bit2me), Mario Brassesco (Head of Strategy at Bit2me) and Daniel Marco (General Director of Innovation and Digital Economy of the Generalitat de Catalunya) will also attend the event. 

The creation of the Web3Hub is evidence of Bit2Me and Inveready’s commitment to innovation in web 3.0, a concept that encompasses all those initiatives based on cryptographic algorithms with decentralised governance and with different financial ramifications in this new ecosystem of the digital economy. The initiative is part of Bit2Me’s goal of making Spain a world leader in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. 

The Bit2Me and Inveready accelerator will support startups whose development is framed within blockchain technology. Bit2Me seeks to invest and work with projects that may have business potential, while aiming to boost the ecosystem to generate relationships and value between different organisations, universities and investors.

The acceleration programme will last six months from the launch of the call and will include workshops in hybrid format, specific training and mentoring. The selected startups will receive an investment of around €100,000 between Bit2Me and Inveready, with the aim of developing and improving their minimum viable product (MVP) while being assigned to a mentor. 

“With the creation of Web3Hub we want to create a crypto and blockchain talent circulation factory in Spain. The goal we have at Bit2Me is to become the leading value creation company in the crypto world covering all stages of the life of a technology project,” says Leif Ferreira, CEO and Co-Founder of Bit2Me. 

“From Inveready we are very happy to continue supporting the development of web3 initiatives, as we firmly believe that Blockchain-based applications will bring a lot of value to our society; and that the Barcelona Hub will become the focal point of the country for entrepreneurs in this field to find everything they need in terms of funding, operational support and networking to succeed with their projects”, explains Aniol Brosa, Partner of Inveready.

During the event Wagmi will also be presented, the first Web3.0 venture studio in Spain, a digital business factory with blockchain technologies whose mission is to help companies manage the change of value and ownership in this new era of decentralised internet and based on the trust of blockchain protocols. 

Wagmi’s mission is to create the largest crypto ecosystem in Southern Europe and Latin America through verticalised projects around several areas: decentralised finance (DeFi), non fungible tokens (NFTs), securities tokenisation (STOs), decentralised autonomous organisations (DAOs), among others. 

In the words of André Caçador, CEO of Wagmi: “We are at the beginning of a new era of the internet. Blockchain technology is the infrastructure on which to build digital business models and has the potential to improve the way we interact as a society. At Wagmi, we believe that these types of projects will be prevalent in the next decade”. 

The presentation will take place at Bit2me’s newly opened office in Barcelona. The startup, which currently has a global team of more than 200 people and offices in the Valencian Community, opens its new headquarters in the heart of Barcelona, as part of its strategy to turn Spain into a global Crypto benchmark.  Leif Ferreira, CEO of Bit2Me: “Barcelona has always been a dynamic and diverse city with a great focus on business innovation and talent attraction. That is why Bit2Me wanted to open an office in Barcelona and carry out the Web3Hub in this magnificent city”.