We have launched the CryptoTour, an initiative that aims to turn Spain into a crypto world benchmark by spreading knowledge about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, with the help of universities, companies, and public and private institutions.

This initiative seeks to connect one of the most significant pillars of Bit2Me since its foundation—education and training around the crypto sector and Blockchain technology. To date, Bit2Me Academy has welcomed around 4 million students who can learn for free from anywhere around the world.

The CryptoTour will start this Saturday, May 28, with La Gran Kedada Passenger at the Gran Teatro Príncipe Pío in Madrid and will make different stops in cities and towns across Spain and in some European and Latin American cities. The aim is to improve crypto learning and training worldwide.

Influencers, industry professionals, and members of the Bit2Me Community who know the company and spread its values worldwide and through the media will attend La Gran Kedada Passenger.

José Luis Cáceres, CMO of Bit2Me, believes that it is crucial to turn Spain into a benchmark country worldwide in the innovative crypto ecosystem. “From Bit2Me, we want to publicize this initiative and get the whole society involved in the challenge. We are sure that turning Spain into a world benchmark in blockchain and crypto talent will be one of the best decisions to face with optimism the coming years and the big changes that are coming to the digital environment.”

Influencers and YouTubers such as FunOntheRide, TecnoPhonePro, and TikTokers such as FinTips and Johnny Stock, will attend the event this Saturday, among many others. The protagonists of the event will be all Passengers and Bit2Mers who want to learn more about the progress of Bit2Me and be the first drivers of the challenge that the company will launch.

Guests at La Gran Kedada Passenger will be able to enjoy networking with prominent members of the industry on the terrace of the Gran Teatro Príncipe Pío in Madrid and the musical We Will Rock You, a show sponsored by Bit2Me, based on the performances of the famous British rock band Queen, as well as a live broadcast of a program from Bit2Me’s popular YouTube channel.