We have listed Convex Finance and Deeper Network, which are among the most innovative projects in the blockchain industry, on our cryptocurrency and euro services platform to further expand the options we offer to our clients and users worldwide. 

At Bit2Me, we are constantly innovating together with our community to continue providing accessibility to the powerful world of crypto assets and blockchain technology.

New Cryptocurrencies Listed on Bit2Me Wallet

Convex Finance (CVX)

Convex Finance is one of the most important decentralized protocols in the current DeFi ecosystem. It is a protocol designed to allow Curve Finance users, the decentralized exchange for stablecoin trading, to stake their CVR tokens. 

Convex Finance liquidity mining allows users to earn a portion of Convex’s trading fees in CVR and generate additional rewards in CVX tokens, Convex Finance’s native token. Going forward, protocol developers will turn CVX into a governance token that will allow its holders to vote on project decisions. 

CVX tokens are minted pro-rata for each CVR token claimed by Curve Finance liquidity providers.

Deeper Network (DPR)

Based on Polkadot’s blockchain, the Deeper Network is the decentralized Web 3.0 gateway. It is a blockchain infrastructure provider focused on building decentralized applications that seek to make the Internet a more private, secure, decentralized, and accessible place for everyone. 

The DPR token was designed to incentivize users to actively contribute bandwidth to build a more robust and efficient network for everyone. However, DPR has many other functions on the Deeper Network, such as allowing developers to host their decentralized applications on the blockchain infrastructure. DPR can also be used to purchase nodes and decentralized domain names, deploy updates and publish advertisements, among other functions.


STEPN is one of the most innovative projects on the Solana blockchain, a lifestyle Web 3.0 app that encourages users to move to generate rewards on the blockchain. 

STEPN launches an innovative concept that combines Game-Fi and Social-Fi elements to motivate users to adopt a healthy lifestyle by engaging in outdoor activities to earn tokens. In addition, its Social-Fi elements foster user-generated Web 3.0 content.

STEPN’s economy employs a dual token model—Green Satoshi Token (GST) as a gaming token and Green Metaverse Tokens (GMT) as the project’s governance token.

JasmyCoin (JASMY)

Developed by former Sony employees, the Jasmy Platform is a protocol that combines blockchain with other disruptive technologies to return sovereignty and complete control over their data to users.

The Jasmy Platform uses the Internet of Things (IoT), the Interplanetary File System (IPFS), and other technologies, along with blockchain, to allow users to store, manage and exchange data in a secure environment.

JASMY, the native token of the Jasmy protocol, is based on the ERC-20 token standard on Ethereum and serves various purposes, such as the payment for services on the platform.

Zilliqa (ZIL)

Self-described as the first sharding blockchain, Zilliqa is a highly scalable, accessible, and secure blockchain network that enables developers to create decentralized applications, DeFi, governance protocols, and NFTs to build the new digital economy in a sustainable and green way.

ZIL, the token behind the Zilliqa blockchain, is used on the blockchain to send transactions, encourage developers to build on the network, and run programs and other implementations.