It’s been a while since we launched the B3X utility token IEO on Bit2Me Launchpad. If you participated in it, we have good news for you, as Binext has raised $4.5 million from Borderless Capital with the goal of powering DeFi applications on the Algorand blockchain (ALGO).

A few months ago, Bit2Me Launchpad kicked off with the B3X, the utility token of Bnext, the Spanish fintech that is positioning itself as a digital alternative to traditional banking.

Thanks to Bit2Me Launchpad’s IEO, Bnext was able to explain the importance of its B3X utility token with which it aims to break the monopoly of traditional finance, generating a series of valuable products that adapt to the profile of its customers.

Bnext and Algorand: exploring DeFi opportunities

As part of its commitment to offer practical use cases to B3X utility token holders, Bnext partnered with Algorand.

Algorand, a blockchain focused on scalability and economics, has also become a strategic investor in Bnext and both companies aim to cement a long-term relationship where the interests of both companies align to achieve their goals, one of them being investment in the launch itself.

Bnext, Bit2Me Launchpad’s first project, raises additional $4.5M from Borderless Capital

The $4.5M investment from Borderless Capital will help further Bnext’s goals of continuing to implement new use cases and the use of new cutting-edge technologies to expand the functionality of the B3X utility token.

What does all this mean for those who participated in the Bnext IEO at Bit2Me Launchpad?

For all those who participated in the Bit2Me Launchpad IEO, this is great news, as the B3X token will have new use cases and Bnext has the backing of a firm with experience in funding these types of projects.

With the support of Borderless Capital and Algorand, B3X will be able to advance its goal of offering financial freedom to its global community of banked and unbanked members through expanded access to a growing range of next-generation financial tools.

With Borderless Capital’s support, the B3X utility token community will be able to strengthen its community and bring greater value to its users through international expansion. In addition, Borderless Capital will bring its expertise in Algorand’s blockchain ecosystem, so they will also help Bnext to develop new financial products and drive the adoption of DeFi technology worldwide.

In addition, as a B3X token holder you will be able to enjoy all that Bnext has in store in the roadmap such as a rewards system, a diversified marketplace, proprietary wallet with buy and sell options, international transfers, discounts and much more.