Bit2Me Launchpad is still on its way to the moon after completing phase 1 of the launch of the Bnext utility token B3X, the first Launchpad project at Bit2Me. 

Now, we are moving forward and have activated Phase 2, opening the booking period. We explain how it works and how the B3X token reservation will be in Bit2ME Launchpad, so you can participate in this new phase. And remember that, in this second phase, you will only be able to participate if you book!

Get on board, we’re taking off 🚀.

What was phase 1 of the B3X token launch like?

On 15 February B2M holders signed up to the dynamic reserve whitelist, which means that the more B2M tokens you had, the better positioned you were on the list. This is important, as places for the first phase were very limited and only users at the top of the list were given the chance to enter.

On 1 March, phase 1 of the ICO as such began, with a minimum ticket size of €1,000 and a price per token of €0.015. At this point, all settlements of B2M holders were closed first, and later on, purchases of those tokens that had not yet been allocated in the reserve phase were open for sale until 7 March at 11:59.

Ok, we’ve caught up with phase 1, let’s see what will happen in phase 2? 👨🚀

How will phase 2 of the B3X token launch on Bit2Me Launchpad work?

On 24 March at 3pm, the phase 2 reservation will open until 30 March at 12pm (UTC+2) and the distribution and deposit of funds will work in exactly the same way as phase 1, i.e. the more B2M you have in your account the more chances you will have to finally acquire the B3X tokens you have reserved, although this time you can only participate if you reserve, don’t miss out! 

Once you have made your reservation, don’t forget to deposit the funds in the Euro Wallet so that you can automatically acquire your tokens during the execution of the reservations. 

Then, on the same day on 31 March at 12h PM (UTC+2), phase 2 bookings will be executed for all users who have made their deposits. Otherwise, the reserved B3X tokens will go to the next user on the waiting list. Unlike phase 1, this time there will be no manual purchase, so if you want to participate you will have to reserve.

Bnext, Algorand and Borderless Capital

In addition, the fintech has reached an agreement with Algorand (ALGO) and Borderless Capital, with an investment of €4.5 million.

Algorand, a blockchain focused on scalability and economics, has also become a strategic investor in Bnext and both companies intend to consolidate a long-term relationship in which the interests of both companies are aligned to achieve their goals, one of them being the investment in the launch itself.

Borderless Capital is a USD 2 billion investment fund specializing in the Algorand ecosystem and involved in building financial products that accelerate access and adoption of decentralized finance, creating global value through the Algorand network.