Bit2Me has reached an agreement with the Asian fund DFG (Digital Finance Group), specialized in blockchain and Web 3.0. The objective of this alliance is to participate and jointly promote crypto projects in their initial phase so that they can execute their public sale of tokens (ICO) on Bit2Me Launchpad, the token launching platform developed by Bit2Me. DFG will have direct and preferential access to cryptocurrency projects from Spain and Latin America that decide to carry out their ICOs on Bit2Me Launchpad.

DFG is a Singapore-based global investment firm specializing in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. The fund has invested in some of the most relevant cryptocurrency projects in the world, highlighting its participation in the launch of the USDC stablecoin and the launch, in February 2021, of an exclusive fund for the expansion of the DOT (Polkadot token) ecosystem. DFG also participates in projects such as Circle, LedgerX, Chainsafe, Bloq, Brave, Ripio, and Bitso, among others. Founded in 2015, DFG has assets under management of over $1 billion.

For its part, Bit2Me will have a reference partner in the sector to grow its token launchpad. DFG has proven to provide great long-term value in all the projects in which it has been involved.

“DFG has always focused on working with the top teams and service providers, and this is certainly one of them,” says James Wo, founder and CEO of Digital Finance Group, about Bit2Me.

“Teaming up with Bit2Me opens us to completely new territories, including the Iberian Peninsula, along with much of Latin America, but more importantly, it allows us to foster promising projects that could provide these fledgling spaces with much-needed credibility in the ecosystem,” emphasizes Wo.

Koh Onozawa, CEO of B2M, notes that “Bit2Me is delighted to partner with DFG, a company that has proven expertise in improving the adoption of digital finance. Sharing projects and helping each other is just the beginning of a relationship with more ambitious plans for the future”.