A few weeks ago we already launched the 20 new cryptocurrencies in our Wallet, but we have decided to add 8 more, reaching a total of 49. 🔥🔥🔥🔥

All of them are already available to manage buy and sell operations, as well as the rest of the operations available in Bit2Me Wallet.

From the Bit2Me team we live the exciting consolidation of new technological developments in the cryptocurrency ecosystem and we firmly believe that they are part of a new era: the era of digital currencies.

Discover the New Cryptocurrencies 🔎

  • Ethereum Classic (ETC) – Hard fork of Ethereum

Cryptocurrency that was created in 2016 and has grown by more than 390% in the last year. Its developers are implementing several improvements to the network, focused on optimizing its security and stability.

  • Gnosis (GNO) – Prediction Marketplace

Focused on the Ethereum-based prediction market, due to its growth of over 900% in the last year.

  • Keep Network (KEEP) – Blockchain Privacy

Developed in 2017, Keep Network is a privacy protocol for blockchain networks, which allows users and applications to store data privately and securely. Private data is stored off-chain and kept in reserves. There, smart contracts can access, manage and use parts or the entire set of stored data, without the need to expose it on the public blockchain.

  • Lisk (LSK) – Blockchain for Businesses

This cryptocurrency was born to make it easier for companies and institutions the use of blockchain technology. Lisk implements side blockchains, known as sidechains, to allow any company to develop its own blockchain ecosystem.

  • Ocean (OCEAN) – Decentralized data exchange

This open source project enables data exchange in a decentralized manner. Ocean was born as an alternative to huge corporations such as Google, Facebook or Microsoft, which centralize and monetize data for their own profit. With Ocean, users can create their own decentralized data marketplaces, eliminating monopolization and ensuring a better distribution of wealth.

  • Orchid (OXT) – VPN on Blockchain 

An open source protocol that seeks to keep the Internet network accessible and open to all, completely free of censorship and restrictions from anywhere in the world. To achieve this, this protocol implements blockchain-based virtual public networks (VPNs) that connect users to easily access the Internet, ensuring security and privacy at all times.

  • The Graph (GRT) – The “Google” of blockchains

Indexes and retrieves data from different blockchain networks, such as Ethereum. This project was designed as a decentralized and efficient alternative to optimize access to blockchain databases, facilitating the work of developers. Because of the way it works, The Graph is compared to Google.

  • Energy Web Token (EWT) – Energy Markets

Focused on accelerating the customer-centric, low-carbon energy transition. This protocol introduced the world’s first enterprise-level public blockchain tailored to the energy sector, called Energy Web Chain.

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