From Bit2Me we continue with our M&A strategy and we have acquired 100% of Dekalabs, the leading software development company in the crypto, Web3 and Blockchain sector in Spain. After the closing of this transaction Dekalabs will continue to maintain its autonomy and will continue to develop projects as a software development studio for other businesses.

For this new stage, the company will be led by Sandra García, until now COO of Dekalabs, while David Ortega, former CEO of the company will become Charmain of Dekalabs and innovation director of Bit2Me.

The CEO of Bit2Me, Leif Ferreira, explained that the team, business model, culture and growth plan of Dekalabs is aligned with that of Bit2Me stating: “We want Dekalabs to continue to operate autonomously in the same way as it has been doing in recent years. With this operation we want Dekalabs to be able to take advantage of the opportunities that Bit2Me brings to us every day and with Dekalabs we can help many companies integrate into the cryptocurrency industry”.

In addition, Ferreira also explained that the acquisition of Dekalabs shows the strength and commitment that Bit2Me has with the crypto ecosystem and with all companies seeking to enter this market. “We hope that in the coming months we will be able to close new integration opportunities with other companies in the industry”.

Similarly, David Ortega, founder of Dekalabs, explained that he is very satisfied with this new alliance that will allow the consolidation of a mature project such as Dekalabs in a company with a great reputation such as Bit2Me.

“The integration of Dekalabs in Bit2Me is the reliable validation of the good work that has been done in the company. A work that I believe will be further enhanced by Bit2Me’s knowledge of the cryptocurrency world and of regulatory and compliance issues,” said Ortega.

In this way, the acquisition of Dekalabs will strengthen our Bit2Me Consulting service, a 360º consulting, development and auditing service to take advantage of the opportunities presented by Web3.0 and blockchain technology in both private companies and public institutions.

Bit2Me Consulting offers different services, including the tokenisation of assets, i.e. the transformation of a physical or intangible good into a digital asset, and the development of projects related to metaverses, smart contracts, wallets, tokens, NFT, or DAOs (Decentralised Autonomous Organisations).