Bit2Me Launchpad takes off on the Bit2Me website. As of February 15, our new service is now available for companies and users. We aim to make it easier for companies to launch their utility token and, at the same time, for users to participate in their ICOs (projects financed with virtual currencies) under advantageous conditions. Below we explain how it works and how the B3X ICO will be held in Bit2Me Launchpad.

Start of the B3X Reservation: Tokens Are Limited

The first of the projects that rely on Bit2Me Launchpad for the launch of its ICO is Bnext, the Spanish fintech established in 2017 that seeks to be an alternative to traditional banking. To do so, Bnext will rely on its new token, B3X, which will be available for purchase in the ICO on Bit2Me Launchpad.

From February 15, B2M token holders, our native token, will be able to join the Bnext ICO reservation list, with exclusive advantages. The process, which for the moment will be done through the Bit2Me website, is as follows:

  • From February 15, all B2M holders can join the dynamic reservation list. And what does it mean that the list is dynamic? Well, the more B2M tokens you hold, the higher you’ll be on the list. And why is this important? Because places are very limited in the first phase of the ICO and only those who are higher on the list will be able to access the acquisition of B3X tokens in this first phase. Here’s a step-by-step explanation of how the Launchpad reservation system works.
  • The first phase of the ICO will start on March 1, with a minimum order size of €1,000 and a price/token of €0.015. However, the first thing that will take place automatically will be the closing of all reservation operations performed by B2M holders between February 15 and March 1. On the launch day, reservation operations will be executed first at 10 am. If there are tokens left after all reservations have been executed, they will be available at 12:00h noon.

For example: if you made your reservation of 500,000 B3X on February 25, you’re in a good position on the list and you have the sufficient amount of euros in your Euro Wallet on March 1 (500,000 x 0.015€ = 7500€), that number of B3X will be blocked for you in preference to those arriving from March 1 where you could run out of tokens if 100% of the tokens offered are already allocated in the reservation phase. 

  • The second phase of the B3X ICO will begin on March 7 on Bit2Me Launchpad, with a price per token of €0.020 and a minimum purchase of €500. 

How to Deposit Funds to Enter the Reservation Phase

Once you’re in the reservation list, you have to select the euro wallet with which you want to pay for the ICO tokens. Remember to have sufficient funds by the time the phase starts (March 1 for phase 1, and March 7 for phase 2). You can get funds to your Euro Wallet in the following ways:

  • Direct FIAT
  • Depositing euros by bank transfer
  • Depositing euros by credt/debit/prepaid card
  • Depositing cash
  • Depositing crypto from other sources and converting it to euros
  • Converting crypto already in your wallet to euros
  • Trough Tikebit funds

What Are the Advantages for B2M Holders?

B2M holders will enjoy exclusive advantages over other users in their wallets.

  • Priority access to the reservation phase, with better conditions than in the following phases and the guarantee that they’ll be able to purchase the number of tokens they want (as long as they’re in a good position on the list and that they have the amount in euros available in their Euro Wallet when the purchase is executed).
  • Improving your ranking position has never been easier: buying B2M on Bit2Me is commission-free.
  • Get to know beforehand the new projects that will be added to Launchpad.
  • Guaranteed listing of the ICO tokens on Bit2Me. You’ll be able to buy, sell, trade and operate with the tokens once they’ve been released.
  • Coming soon: soon you’ll also be able to stake with the new ICO tokens, to generate rewards without having to do anything.

Can I Be Left Out Even if I’m in the Bit2Me Launchpad Reservation List?

Remember that being in the reservation list and having indicated that you wish to participate doesn’t ensure that your purchase will enter the sell phase. Purchases are executed based on your position in the list and all available supply may run out before it’s your turn.