With the aim of continuing to bring cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin closer to society, we work to continue building the best platform πŸ’ͺ. As we always say, security is the number 1 priority for us and that is why we have decided to launch our Bug Bounty, to examine ourselves and detect all vulnerabilities.

At Bit2Me we identify with the hacker culture, as it is a part of the company’s DNA. Therefore, we offer the hacker community the best bug bounty that we have been able to create and that we commit to update.

We have created an article in our support center where you can find detailed all the features of the Bug Bounty 🐞:

β€’ Scope of action
β€’ How does it work?
β€’ Vulnerabilities not accepted
β€’ Examples of vulnerabilities
β€’ Rewards
β€’ Other frequently asked questions about the Bug Bounty

We are counting on you!