The deadline is coming to an end. The timeline of the first Launchpad project in Bit2Me, Bnext, continues to advance, and in just a few days the token reservation phase will end with some advantages that will no longer appear. So that you don’t arrive late and regret it later, here we explain what will happen in the coming weeks within Launchpad.

  • February 28th at 12 noon*: phase 1 reservation closes. In this phase you will have been able to block the tokens you have finally purchased and is so important that you will have to deposit the funds corresponding to the amount of the tokens you want to purchase for the purchase to be fully effective. For example: if you have reserved 70.000B3X (1.050€), you will need those 1.050€ available in your Euro Wallet for the purchase to be executed.
  • March 1st at 10 a.m.*: reservations made until February 28th at 12:00 noon will be executed. Those who have their funds in their Euro Wallet will see their new B3X tokens automatically acquired and stored in their B3X wallet.
  • March 1st at 12 noon*: B3X tokens from the reserve phase that have not been distributed will be available for purchase from 12h and publicly at a price of 0.015€ per token.
  • March 6 at 12noon*: phase 2 reservation closes. The distribution and deposit of funds will be the same as phase 1: you will have to deposit the funds in the Euro Wallet so that they can be purchased automatically from the next day.
  • March 7 at 10 a.m.*: phase 2 reservations will be executed for all those users who have made their deposits. Otherwise, those reserved B3X will be passed on to the next user who is behind in the reservation list.
  • March 7th at 12 noon*: the B3X tokens of the phase 2 reserve that have not been distributed will be available for purchase from 12:00 noon and publicly at a price of 0.02€ per token.
  • March 13 at noon*: Phase 2 closes and, with it, the Bnext ICO on Bit2Me Launchpad.

* UTM+1

How to Deposit Funds to Enter the Reservation Phase

Once you’re in the reservation list, you have to select the Euro Wallet with which you want to pay for the ICO tokens. Remember to have sufficient funds by the time the phase starts (March 1 for phase 1, and March 7 for phase 2). You can get funds to your Euro Wallet in the following ways:

  • Direct FIAT
  • Depositing euros by bank transfer
  • Depositing euros by credt/debit/prepaid card
  • Depositing cash
  • Depositing crypto from other sources and converting it to euros
  • Converting crypto already in your wallet to euros
  • Trough Tikebit funds